Tools for taming the web: prologue

In a previous post, I talked about how I felt that the web had become an unruly mess, and promised a further article outlining a few of the ways we could help to disentangle ourselves from it’s clutches with tools that helped to remove the years of tarnish, grime, and occasional extra licks of paint from the websites we visit and allow us to if not increase our enjoyment, at least reduce our frustrations.

Well, sadly it took as long as I feared it might and hoped it wouldn’t, and it’s still in progress, but in truth it is a good thing that I was so laggardly in completing it, as since the time of writing the original article a number of changes have taken place in the areas I was intending to cover that would have made it instantly out of date, and the scope for what was already becoming a veritable leviathan of a post increased considerably.

So, sorry about that, and this time I will merely say it will be ready when it is ready.

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