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RIP Steve

Good old Steve, we should perhaps not be surprised at what seems like his swift demise, in retrospect it’s perhaps simple to understand that Apple was not just his lifes work, but put simply his life too. When he told us those few weeks ago that he could no longer fulfil his role at the top and stepped down the more perceptive amongst us should probably have seen it for what it was.

I didn’t. Maybe the more perceptive that did wisely kept their mouth shut, for which I am grateful. It was a huge shock.

But oddly it doesn’t upset me, it just fills me with a strange sense of purpose. I have no personal anecdotes to relate in order to confirm a link to Steve directly, or even to Apple products in general. I’ve only used a Mac since after the Intel switch. You could say I am one of the “nouveau riche” in the world of experiencing computing in a different way, I never really appreciated what abundance of simple pleasures awaited me over the fence, and how poor my previous existence was until very recently. I have never used anything older than Mac OS X 10.4.

During the last 4 years or so I have almost totally changed my attitudes to using computers, and I certainly wish I had jumped aboard the train a lot earlier than I did. I can’t say I was ever wary of the “cult” criticisms, although I was certainly aware of them, and while there is probably a grain of truth in there it’s more accurate to say that it’s more of a movement than anything else. And all movements have their figureheads. We just lost ours, but there’s no reason to dwell on the sadness and every reason to keep the momentum going. Steve’s greatest creation wasn’t a device, or an OS, it was a culture, not a cult, and one that remains the same today as it did yesterday.

Today starts a new chapter, but the plot is firmly fixed, and the story continues.

RIP Steve.