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Custom Bike Build


Seems everyone has these frames on sale until you try to buy one. 3 refunds later, and I have no frame. As it stands, just buying the actual fully built bike seems like the only sensible option to actually get a frame, and would actually be loads cheaper than a build, although obviously it would remove the actual fun of the build too. Meh!


I will be taking my time over the year to build my own bike from scratch. A fully custom Frameset would be lovely, but also probably as much just for the frame as for the entire bike using off the shelf components.

The trouble is, getting a decent off the shelf Frameset is pretty tricky, as most places want to sell you the whole bike.

Anyway, my search finally led me to Genesis Bikes who have the bike I would want to build in the form of the Day One Di2. Luckily for me although they don’t sell this Frameset individually, the 2015 version of the bike uses the cheaper Reynolds 753 tubing, and as such there does seem to be a limited supply of Framesets available online for the (superior) 2014 853 tubing version.

Initially I ordered a 54 at the bargain price of £349, but it turned out they only had 52s, so I had to get a refund. There were a couple of places with a 54 in stock at £399, and while I had talked myself into justifying the first price, paying another fifty quid was almost galling enough for me to leave it and find another frame. Luckily, judicious use of Google netted a 10% discount code, taking it to £360 – close enough, ordered!

So here is the little steel beauty in all her glory, I’ll be documenting my build on these pages soon.

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